How the Scheme works

The Cadent Gas Pension Scheme (the Scheme) is a defined benefit (DB) scheme. As an active member you pay 5% of your capped pensionable salary into the Scheme. (Former members of NGEG pay different contributions.) Cadent pays the balance of the cost of providing your benefits at retirement.

When you retire, your pension will be based on a set formula made up of your pay, your years of service in the Scheme, and a fraction known as an accrual rate (1/60).

If you are an active member, once a year we’ll send you a benefit statement, which gives you an illustration of the pension income you could get if you retire at the normal retirement age of 65, or if you retire earlier at age 60. This is usually posted to your home address in early September each year. A copy can also be viewed on My Online Services.

What it costs

Both you and Cadent contribute to your pension every time you’re paid.

You pay 5% of your capped salary.*

Cadent pays the balance of the cost of providing your benefits at retirement.

*Your Capped Salary is the figure we use to calculate your pension relating to Pensionable Service from 1 April 2013.

Tax relief

Your take-home pay might not be reduced by as much as you think. You get income tax relief on your contributions, which means you don’t pay tax on those contributions.

Salary sacrifice

Most members will join our salary sacrifice arrangement automatically but you can opt out.

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Paying more

There are different ways to pay in more and boost your pension.

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