You’ve left the Scheme or the business.

Scheme benefits

The Scheme provides a pension for life at retirement, as well as benefits on your death.

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Transferring your benefits

You can transfer your Scheme pension to another HMRC-registered pension arrangement.

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About the Scheme

The Scheme has a complicated history which mirrors the changes to the UK’s gas industry.

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From member guides and forms, to copies of more technical Trustee documents, this section has it all.

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Useful links

A selection of useful pensions and money-related websites.

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Some common questions answered.

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Pension transfer warning from the Pensions Regulator

A new website for a new scheme

Member Nominated Trustee election results


Pension transfer warning from the Pensions Regulator

The message is to stay calm and not rush to make financial decisions during this time of financial uncertainty. The industry has fears that the impact of the pandemic on global markets and people’s personal finances may make members more vulnerable to scams or making a decision that could damage their long-term interests.

The Pensions Regulator has also instructed pension schemes to issue the following letter to any member requesting a transfer quotation If you request a transfer quote from UKPO, you will be issued a copy of this letter.

Here are the main points for Scheme members to be aware of:

  • Since the coronavirus outbreak began, stock markets have fallen and are likely to go up and down for some time, while your Scheme pension remains a safe, long-term investment for your retirement
  • The Regulator has stressed that transferring out of a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme (such as the Cadent Gas Pension Scheme) into a different type of pension arrangement is unlikely to be in a member’s best long-term interests
  • Transferring out of the Scheme is a serious and irrevocable decision
  • Before making any decisions about your Cadent Gas pension, you should always seek independent financial advice.
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A new website for a new scheme

The Trustee of the Cadent Gas Pension Scheme (CGPS) is delighted to launch this website for our members, who have now transferred into the CGPS from Section C of the National Grid UK Pension Scheme (NGUKPS).

This website covers much of the same information that appears on the NGUKPS website because, as you will know, the new CGPS has been set up to mirror the benefits provided by the NGUKPS.

However, there are some important differences, among them the make-up of the Trustee Board that is responsible for managing your new scheme. You can find out more about the Trustee here.

Also, whilst UK Pensions Operations will continue to administer the CGPS for the time being, please note that they have a new email address for Cadent Gas members: Please use this email address, rather than the old NGUKPS one. You can also write to UKPO or telephone them; their contact details are here.

We hope you find this website useful and informative. We will be updating it regularly so please add it your favourites.

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Member Nominated Trustee election results

In the Pensions Update issued in January 2021 we advised members that we would be running an election to appoint four Member Nominated Trustees (MNTs) to the Board.

The Trustee received five nominations for the roles, and Scheme members were asked to vote for up to four candidates. To ensure accuracy and independence the election was run by Civica, an external election services provider.

Voting closed at 5pm on 4th June 2021, after which Civica advised that 5,109 members voted, and confirmed the results. We are pleased to announce that the elected MNTs are:

Phil Brown
Sue Ellwood
Hilary Speller
Stephen Willmott

Phil and Hilary are re-elected MNTs, Sue and Stephen are newly elected MNTs and are due to take up their role in late July 2021.

We would like to thank all the candidates who stood for election and all those members who took the time to submit their votes.

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