Equivalent Pension Benefits (EPB)

If you were Gas Board worker in the 1960s or 1970s, paying into a pension, you may have an EPB.

When you left your employer, you would have received a pension refund, but a small portion of pension (your EPB) was left in the scheme.

EPB is payable when you reach 60 (women) or 65 (men). For the whole period (1961–1975) the benefit would be £45.50 a year.

Why does EPB exist?

Over the years, a number of corporate mergers and de-mergers in the energy industry mean that the Cadent Gas Pension Scheme includes members with EPBs who worked for these companies.

If you’re over 60 (female) or 65 (male) and haven’t received a letter, we need to make sure we have your current details, including proof of identity. Please use My Online Services to update us or contact UK Pensions Operations.

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